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As being the first dive center of Ankara, we are proud to celebrate our 20th year with more than 5000 diving certifications in total and 800 new divers each year:


What's It Like to Dive ?


To us, diving is the most relaxing activity and the best way to engage with nature. If you want to get away from daily hustles and see new things, you definitely should try:

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What Our Students Think?

Student Testimonials

Read what our students and friends think and decide yourself :) We are honored to have this community and teach such wonderful people. We want to teach you next...


Discover Scuba Diving

You don't have to take a course in order to dive: Try diving with one of our instructors...

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Take a look at the pictures we took on our dive trips:


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Explore the torquise-blue waters of Turkey with us.

With our Pro courses, diving will become your lifestyle.

Our Instructors

Asutay - Gozde Akbayir
Meet The Team
"As a PADI Professional I have the opportunity to see: Fear changed to courage, faintheartedness converted into accomplishment, timidity transformed into confidence, anticipation turned into passion...

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Aqua Club Instructors

Everything You Want to Know About Pricing

All the information about our dive courses and trips, payment methods are here. Please choose from dive courses or dive trips to reach pricing information.

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What Our Students & Friends Say...

“Aqua Club is the right place to start diving. It's great to know that dive trainings will be safe in each trip. The knowledge, patience and friendly manners of the Aqua Club Instructors who train international divers make me a fan of the club.”

Hakan     Class of 2015

“You are a huge win for Ankara... Thank you very much for making sea and underwater world close to our dry city and to us... :)”

Pınar Class of 2016 Divemaster Course

“Congratulations, Asutay! You do a great deal to try to make the diving industry better in Turkey.”

Mark Caney President of European Underwater Federation

“Awesome day of diving. Thank you to Asutay and Gozde for showing Chris how the big dogs dive! Greatest dive club......period.”

Mike Johnson Class of 2015 Divemaster Course

“Great group to dive with! Thank you for everything!”

Chris Johnson Class of 2015

“I highly recommend Mr. Akbayir for all my friends and everyone who want to start and enjoy the diving experience on the right and proper base.”

Amr Rifai Class of 2017

“The reason why I prefer Aqua Club is the importance that Asutay and Gözde Akbayır give to their work, their love for diving, their respect for the underwater world, and the pleasure of diving in a pleasant and risk-free way.”

Ceren Gümüş Class of 2016

“In the water, Asutay and Gözde and their dive instructors always ensure the safety of their divers above all else. They give briefings that inform everyone about the plan, and are always on hand to ask questions and provide support to those who need it. They always assess a diver’s abilities as they are, and assist where needed. I have never encountered an issue while on a dive with them. In addition, I have always felt safe and in good hands with Asutay and his team.”

Ceren Gümüş Class of 2016

“What I love the most about Aqua Club is that I feel my self as safe as I am outside of water. Asutay and his team care a lot about the safety and comfort of their divers. I am sure that they are the most professional dive Club in Ankara and probably in Turkey.”

Hülya Budunoğlu Class of 2016

“Asutay was careful to explain everything throughout the trip in English and in Turkish, which was very accommodating of the non-Turks on the trip. Furthermore, he was extremely enthusiastic and willing to answer questions at all times. As such, I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a tour organizer, in terms of his professionalism, enthusiasm, and level of organization. While I cannot currently speak to the diving component, my experiences with him and Gozde have convinced me that I would like to learn how to dive with them in Ankara during my stay here. I hope to be able to do the introductory course later this fall, along with my partner and other colleagues at the Canadian Embassy.”

Antonia Wynne-Hughes

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